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HCHB Hospice KPI Excellence Award Winner!

JJ and Ivy
Pictured: JJ Woolf (left), Homecare Homebase Account Executive, and Ivy Burnes (right), Operations Support Analyst

Homecare Homebase Hospice KPI Excellence Award Winner

We’re proud to announce that BrightSpring Health Services is a recipient of the Homecare Homebase (HCHB) Hospice KPI Excellence award, which looks at care/visits provided at end of life. We are performing in the top 5% of all of the HCHB hospice customers nationally!

Ivy Burnes, Operations Support Analyst, received the award on behalf of the company on June 16, 2022, at the HCHB users conference.

Finding Ways to Ensure Staff See Subtle Signs of Decline

“Cindy [Koss] and I talked at length about ways we could help our staff not miss subtle signs of decline in our patients that indicate how quickly the end of their life was approaching,” said Ashley Jones, RN, CHPN, National Director of Hospice Education.

“Although we can’t pinpoint an exact date and time, we know from research that everyone experiences a similar process as our bodies prepare to exit this world just like everyone experiences a similar process as we enter this world. This thought brought us to develop the End-of-Life Risk Assessment which contains the most common signs of decline we see in our patients. It’s a weighted assessment that keeps score as the nurses select the signs they see their patients exhibit.  At the end of the assessment, the computer system tells the nurse if their patient is at low, moderate, or high risk of passing away within the next seven days. We implement our Journey’s End Protocol that we developed based on the patient’s risk level to ensure we meet the patient and family needs. This protocol focuses on increased visits and offering additional support to ensure we are providing the patient and family the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual support that is so vital to ensuring a peaceful end-of-life experience.”

Congratulations to Our Dedicated Team

Please join us in congratulating Cindy Koss, Ashley Jones, and Christy Evans, and their teams for their work on this and to all of our hospice clinicians for getting it right.

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